A Guide to Selecting the Right Awning for Your 4WD


Thanks to technological advancements, a 4WD awning is one of the soundest investments you can bring to your camping adventure. But there are many such canopies out there, making it trickier for outdoor adventurers to choose the right one. Below are some useful tips for your consideration as you sample the best 4×4 awnings for sale:


Pick a vehicle canopy that you can set up quickly and create a shade during a short lunch break on your trip. You may firmly erect most 4WD awnings on their two prop poles. Actually, there are a few such canopies that need no poles to support them. The easier it is to set up and take apart the awning, the more you can focus on relaxation and your journey.

Don’t forget to consider the option of pegging, especially when there’s a strong wind blowing around your setup. In case of a strong breeze, you may need to peg the canopy down, particularly if you’re likely to leave it unattended. Great awnings come with a loop at the bottom of each leg to allow for pinning to the ground.


Always choose something made of good quality materials. The fabric (canvas) should be steady to provide the desired levels of protection. Look at the twist lock posts that on pretty much every 4WD awning available in the market today. Cast metal hinges and fittings are essential to consider too, although most canopy makers use plastic hinges these days.

Additional Accessories

It’s important to have a LED strip light on your 4WD awning. In fact, some awnings are available with the lighting. In other cases, the LED is an accessory most users can add to their canopy without any trouble. Just confirm this with your seller (or awning manufacturer) before ordering online.  Learn more here 4WD Supacentre

Additionally, some awning types come with an extension. The feature is ideal for when you’ve got sufficient time to install it and create a broader canopy for relaxation. Another potentially useful addition is a mosquito net. You’ll need more setup time for it though. This should be a consideration if you’re going to swampy area where mosquito breeding is rife.

It makes sense to familiarize yourself with the type of awning you intend on using on your 4WD. Be sure to learn about the supported features, setup requirements, and quality. This way, you’ll getting the best value for your money throughout your trip and camping adventure.

To know more, check out http://www.dictionary.com/browse/awning


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